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Virtual Schools is a Primary School Education platform for home learning, Virtual Schools is the resource your school needs to give pupils and parents the ability to learn from the comfort of your own home! Please Click Below to Find Out More....

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Virtual School - Online Resource for home education

Virtual Schools is a resource for primary schools to easily set, mark, review, comment and to keep track of the home education tasks being set during the current school closures.

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    Why do teachers need a virtual school?

    In these times of the new normal, the need to teach children remains, so we have created an online cloud-based system that allows teachers to provide home schooling to primary school children from the comfort of their own home. Schools have created bubbles, and when these bubbles are required by the Public Heath England to isolate at home, the need to teach remains. Virtual School gives schools the ability to seamlessly switch from in school learning to virtual school learning.

    Why we created a cheap virtual school for teachers?

    There are lots of platforms out there like class dojo, Microsoft teams, Microsoft classroom, zoom learning, educators, blackboard collaborate ultra to name just a few.

     Virtual school follows best practice for virtual learning throughout the school year providing a full day of learning following the schools program all days of the week.

    How we help educate children online?

    Our online classroom for teachers gives the ability to provide online homework for primary schools, we have a primary school classroom online learning app. School children learn online more and more, our virtual school for primary allows learning from app via online classroom.

    An online classroom for teachers is important and heres why?

    Learning does not stop during COVID 19 times, virtual school on any device will provide education for online school UK, our system is built for online homework for primary schools giving your children the ability to learn whilst being at home, our positive feedback speaks for itself.

    How we help with online homework for primary schools?

    Cheap virtual school for teachers uk is an important tool in teaching, our education learning app provides an online classroom for teachers, it was built by us with the help of primary school teachers to be able to set homework online. Our system provides less distractions with educators in mind. Our collaborate with a primary school provided us with the tools to build our online virtual platform. We even provide a Virtual Wall for children to share work and/or activities 

    Why do you need an online school for children?

    Primary schools need an easy and adaptive system to teach children. Our online school for children is a simple to use cloud-based learning program. It can be accessed from any device from any location. It allows teachers to set, review, mark and provide feedback to primary school children easily. We even have a daily task system that can be used to set work such as edshed, TT rockstars, daily maths, daily reading, zoom meeting reminders or simple YouTube learning links.

    The importance of an online school learning app?

    Our online learning via virtual school is easy to use and has been built for primary teachers. Teachers can send work daily with time scales easily set. Parents can view the work set, download, print or simply view the work, then return any completed work direct to the teacher. The teacher can then assess the work, mark is as complete, or re-task the home learning for further work.

    Our system can be used on mobile, tablets, Mac or PC with ease and allows the use of devices cameras to send pictures or work completed or upload documents and/or pictures.

    Learning for an alternative to ClassDojo how we help?

    ClassDojo is an excellent resource for primary schools, but it lacks the abilities that our system offers. Virtual schools can be used alongside ClassDojo by supporting the platform with providing home learning to individual children or classes. Our online homework for primary schools can easily be set and then ClassDojo can be used to keep parents updated.


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