How does Virtual Schools work?

Virtual Schools runs off a dashboard system. Once a parent registers, they add their children and can then view work uploaded by the teachers, the parents can either download the home learning or simply view it on their mobile device or computer. Parents can upload any completed work and that work automatically appears on the teacher's dashboard where it can be marked and sent back to the parents. 

Parent Area

Please click the button below to be directed to our example of how a Parent would interact with our systems and how to get set up as a parent!

Teacher Area

Please click the button below to be directed to our example of how a teacher would interact with our systems.

Virtual Schools Wall

Wanna see how our virtual school wall works? Click below to find out more...

Daily Tasks

Wanna see how our daily tasks work? Click below to find out more...

Parent Area

Click on the tabs below to see how you as a Parent interact with the system.

  • Parent Registration

    Parents register using a unique code for their child's school

  • Add/Edit Children

    Parents can register their children into the correct class

  • Learning Dashboard

    Parents can easily access all parts of the system from their Learning Dashboard

  • Assigned Work

    Parents can easily see what home learning has been set, download it and see its status. The parents can upload any completed work.

    They can even see any comments left by the teacher

Teacher Area

Click on the tabs below to see how you as a Teacher interact with the system.

  • Teacher Dashboard

    Teachers have a different dashboard, where they can allocate home learning, review any learning submitted and also see all children registered

  • Set Home Learning

    Teachers can easily set home learning by class or individual children

  • Review Home Learning Page

    Teachers can easily see what home learning needs to be reviewed by teacher, class or child

  • Manage Children

    When a parent registers their child, the information automatically populates the children's list. Here teachers can view the child's information, parent's contact details and also make important notes for each child which can be viewed by other teachers. This helps the teachers keep track of the children's learning

Virtual School Wall

Click on the tabs below to see how to utilise the Virtual School Wall! 

  • Virtual School Wall Preview

    The school wall is for kids, parents or even teachers to share what they are doing! They can post pictures and write a brief description of what they are up to! Share your achievements with everyone in your school! We can start by clicking the button on the top right with the heading "Create / List Virtual wall".

  • Virtual Wall Menu

    After Clicking through to the "Create / List Virtual Wall", this screen will display. Clicking the "Create Virtual Wall" will take you to the menu where you can create your post on the virtual wall!

  • Virtual Wall Creation Window

    Here we can enter the main title for the virtual wall post, a description of what you are up to! Then a location to upload some awesome pictures of you! When you have filled in all the relevant information, hit that "Save" button.

  • Virtual Wall Pending Screen

    Amazing! After that "Save" button your post will be put onto the virtual school wall "Pending Area". Here teachers will review your post and choose to approve the upload to the virtual wall! Be patient and I'm sure your awesome post will be approved in no time! 

  • Uploaded Virtual Wall

    While you are waiting for your approval you can preview your post by clicking the image icon under "View Wall", double-check it's all good and be patient for your post to be approved! Then you are all done! Your post will be available to all your friends and teachers. Don't forget to check those comments! When approved click the purple "Virtual School Gallery" button to see your public masterpiece.

Daily Tasks

Click on the tabs below to see how you as a Teacher or Parent can use and see the Daily Tasks tool. 

  • Set Daily Tasks

    The daily tasks page will allow you to preview tasks set by your teachers. This may be a daily walk, reading or maybe even spellings! Click on the day of the week will open the drop-down menu where you can see your tasks.

  • Complete Daily Tasks

    Here you can see the "Task Heading" for the title of the task, "Task Details" which will give you a brief rundown of what to do, "Teacher" who set the task, "Teachers Comments" for extra comments provided by the teacher, "Files" if there is you can click a folder icon to download it, and "Complete" to mark if you have complete this task for that day or not.

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